Multi-Use Adjustable Binding Belt(10PCS)

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Collect or organize things you want to keep tidy


  • BEST NEW WAY TO ORGANIZE: Solves storage and organization issues not met by existing twist ties, tie-downs, elastic bands, clips, bungee cords or hook & loop-style straps.

  •  VERSATILE DESIGN WITH HUNDREDS OF USES: Organize cords, cables, and hoses, secure rolled clothing for travel, contain fitness, hiking, camping gear and and outdoor equipment.

  •  HIGHLY DURABLE: washable, lightweight, no moveable parts that could break, rust, scratch surfaces or snag fabric. Heat-, cold- and UV-resistant. 100% GUARANTEED!
  •  MAKE LONGER STRAPS: Join 2 or more Packbands to create longer bands that secure larger items.


  • Material:Polyester
  • Product Size:35cm*2cm
  • Product Weight:20g