Portable Clothes Decontamination Pen (3PCS)

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Powerful solution breaks stains down!


  • Safe and Gentle, does not Hurt Skin and Clothing : It is safe for all non-fading fabrics and is effective at all temperatures, safe & gentle for daily use, effective with minimal to no sensitivity. Household Cleaning
  • Efficient and no Odor : When eating, clothes are splashed with stains, and the stain can be removed by taking out the stain pen, This and very effective stain remover can quickly and safely dispose of stains.

  • Innovative and Stylish : This stain remover pen has a uniquely designed applicator with a stain removing brush head, using a precise fine-pointed tip to aim at a small area without spoiling your clothes, the pen-shaped design is convenient to carry around
  • Safe and Practical : Have you ever put on your clean clothes and got stains inadvertently? It is troublesome to change and wash. Try this magic decontamination pen, where you can keep you in good condition at any time!
  • Travelling : The mini instant decontamination pen that you carry with you. It is small in size and very useful. It is very suitable for use on the road.、

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  • PRODUCT SIZE:14*1.5cm