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Remove any scratch from any car body in a jiffy with Perfecto Scratch Removerā„¢.

This is a scratch remover liquid that fills any scratches, scrapes, or scuff marks with millions of micro-particles making them disappear in just a few minutes.

It dries quickly, enhances the paint color and clarity, and leaves the surface of your vehicle smooth, clean, and shiny. It also preserves the original quality of the metal and prevents it from future scratches.Ā 

Just Apply and Let Dry!

Image result for scratch remover
Image result for scratch remover

RemoveĀ scratches,Ā slightĀ marksĀ andĀ otherĀ scratchesĀ onĀ theĀ paintĀ surface.Ā 
ApplyĀ thisĀ productĀ toĀ theĀ surfaceĀ toĀ beĀ treatedĀ toĀ reduceĀ orĀ eliminateĀ theseĀ 
  • RepairĀ scratches

  • InstantĀ brightening

  • RemoveĀ sun patternĀ 


ApplicationĀ instructions:Ā 
1.Ā CleanĀ theĀ carĀ paintĀ andĀ pickĀ aĀ rightĀ amountĀ ofĀ productĀ onĀ theĀ sponge.
2.Ā UseĀ theĀ spongeĀ toĀ pointĀ atĀ theĀ siteĀ thatĀ needsĀ polishing.
3.Ā PolishĀ properlyĀ untilĀ scratchesĀ disappearĀ orĀ becomeĀ lighter.
4.Ā CleanĀ theĀ polishedĀ areaĀ withĀ aĀ towel.

    Package includes:

    • 1 Set x Car Scratch Remover.


    • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.